Aviation Workshops, based in the UK at two sites.Headquarters are based close to Manchester International Airport as well as having a faciltiy actually at the Airport maintenance area.


We are a highly experienced Multidisciplined Engineering Support Organisation. We provide cost effective Aircraft-workshop Maintenance, Manufacturing and PMA solutions, with all necessary release documentation; reducing down time and improving performance.

Aero Technics Manchester Experience: Our hand picked aerospace engineering team, enable Aero Technics Manchester to meet the most exacting requirements of both quality and performance, which our clients demand. This high standard of performance has attracted some of the biggest names in aviation as Aero Technics Manchester clients.


Aero Technics Manchester Culture: More than just a Manufacture and Maintenance support provider, our clear understanding of airline dynamics, means we react and work to support the aircraft back in to scheduled operation, synchronising and mirroring the airlines own performance.


Part 21 & TCCA approved; airframe, composite, non-destructive testing, Battery and welding disciplines.


Aero Technics Manchester Locations: Situated at Manchester International Airport UK, we are uniquely positioned to provide maintenance and AOG support; both landside and airside.  With additional facilities in Kirkland - USA.


Aero Technics Manchester uniquely positioned at Manchester International Airport, to meet all your airside and causality needs. 

We have expertise in Airside, Airframe, Composites, Airframe, NDT, Battery Shop and Welding.


Aero Technics Manchester uniquely positioned at Manchester International Airport, to meet all your airside and causality needs. Our highly trained technicians are available 24/7-365 and can provide Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) support for:          

  • Airframe Repairs (airframe and engines)
  • Composite Repairs (airframe and engines)
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Battery support
  • Welding and Fabrication

Our approved technicians are expert in providing a fast efficient service. We can assist with repair, design and/or modification of most aircraft airframe parts to the highest standards and most exacting quality requirements.


All work carried out will be substantiated with EASA Form 1 conformation documents.

Airframe and Heat Treatment Workshops


Aero Technics Manchester Airframe and Heat Treatment workshop technicians have extensive experience and capabilities, in sheet fabrication, machining, heat treatment and detail assembly shop practices for both repair and manufacture of airframe parts.


Our workshops are comprehensively stocked with fabrication equipment and machine tools, which when complimented by our Heat Treatment Facilities, enable us to meet virtually every demand for scheduled maintenance, casualty repair work and the manufacture of detail parts/ assemblies.


At any one time our highly skilled technicians are repairing/ modifying or maintaining parts for but not limited:

  • Passenger Doors
  • Undercarriage Doors
  • Flying Controls
  • Flaps
  • Rudders
  • Air Intakes
  • Engine Cowlings

Aero Technics Manchester would welcome requests to manufacture PMA Aerostructure Parts under our Boeing Licence.




Aero Technics Manchester has the capability and approval to repair virtually every type of composite and glass reinforced plastic and specialise in metal bonding (PANTA).


The Aero Technics Manchester composite workshops approvals permit us to support any airline in their scheduled maintenance providing repair support for:

  • Airframe structure
  • Interior and Engine

The Aero Technics Manchester composite workshops provide a vital service for airlines requiring AOG (Aircraft On Ground) and emergency repair work in Manchester or down route.


Our company approval also allows us to offer a manufacturing service for many items such as Cargo bay linings, floorboards and side wall panels.


Welding Bay


Aero Technics Manchester welding workshop technicians are trained to the highest standards and approved by the CAA. TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding specialists, we provide a service in all materials including:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Nimonic
  • Aluminium
  • Titanium
  • And many others

Our approved technicians provide a fast efficient service. We can assist with design, modification or repair of most aircraft parts to the highest standards and most exacting quality requirements. All work carried out will be substantiated with EASA Form 1 conformation documents.


Our technicians also provide precision quality welding, On-Wing Support Service, which can be in hangar or down route.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)


Aero Technics Manchester NDT laboratory combines state of the art equipment with the highest levels of expertise and experience. Our capability and approvals cover the following disciplines:

  • Radiography (x-ray capability up to 200kv).
  • Ultrasonic
  • Eddy Current (High and Low frequency test capability)
  • Penetrants testing
  • Magnetic Particle testing

Our highly experienced staff, hold PCN Licenses up to level 3 (Nominated) capability.


We provide a service both landside and airside at Manchester International and all UK airports.

Battery Workshops


Aero Technics Manchester Battery workshops combines state of the art equipment with the highest levels of expertise and experience. Our capability and approvals allow us to work on all Nickel Cadmium batteries and cover the following disciplines:

  • Unit Testing
  • Capacity Testing
  • Recondition
  • Overhaul

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